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Jan 25th

I've actually been feeling pretty good for the past two weeks. These GED classes just make me feel as if there's some sort of hope for me. The math is pretty easy so far, nothing I don't understand. I sit next to this Asian kid, he makes me feel like an idiot, because of course he just has to be the smartest kid in class. I sneaked a peek at his test score- I forget exactly what it was, but he passed with flying colors. I got an 8 out of 25. I REALLY need a lot of work, but I figure that's what I'm there for anyway.

Our math teacher has a nose ring, which is pretty cool, I guess. I just kinda wish she'd stop flashing her damned iPhone each class. She tells US not to take out our cells in class, yet she's done it the two times we've been there already.

We've only gone to the main class (referred to as "GED Writing", though it's really a mix of each subject, minus math) once, because the first official day was a snow day and the college was closed. I came in late as usual, with a hairy guy and retarded kid on my tail, because he just insisted on finding a parking spot, and escorting me into the building, despite my protests of "I can find it my damn self."

The classroom was easy to find, using my awesome middle/high school room-finding skills (100s are downstairs, 200s are up), and the also cause the building was nothing but a strait hallway with classrooms on either side. It's better than wandering around aimlessly for five minutes like a dumbass.

I hope to take the official test in April, directly after the classes end, so that I can (hopefully) pass and get to do the graduation thing in May, which just so happens to fall on my mom's birthday. It's kinda dumb that there's only one GED graduation ceremony a year, at least that's what I've been told. I guess I don't really NEED it, I'd just like to have it. I figure if I look at the test this way, it's less scary: the GED is basically like the finals and midterms crammed into one.

Our teacher claims the only way to get the application is through her. I find that very entertaining, considering I have one sitting right next to me, obtained from UMBC with a simple email. Like I said before, I think I know a little more about the test than the ones teaching. Digging around the web does wonders.

I need to get the form re-signed by my high school, the one I used to have is null and there's a big mysterious stain on it, even though I had it on the shelf. I'm sure they'll be just thrilled to see me again...thrilled indeed...

8:26 pm - January 25th, 2008

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